Maria Rose Ferron - Who was she?

Marie Rose Ferron, the stigmatized ecstatic of Woonsocket, Rhode Island was a stigmatist, mystic, visionary, and victim soul who died in 1936 at the age of 33. She was a parishoner of the Holy Family Church, a Catholic Church in Woonsocket which at the time was experiencing a movement, known as the Sentinelle Affair. The movement eventually led to the excommunication of 56 members of her diocese from the Catholic Church. Since it was widely known that Marie Rose was a suffering soul, she was asked by Bishop Hickey to offer her sufferings for the Sentinellists whom he felt were greatly in need of this form of intercession. She offered her sufferings with gratitude. And through her sufferings, the 56 members of the Sentinelle Affair were lifted of their status of excommunication. Additionally, Little Rose received one of the greatest gifts a human can experience - the presence of Jesus, Mary, and the saints in the earthly life. "Let us braid our crown of thorns on this earth so that my Jesus will change it to a crown of roses in heaven." At an early age, Little Rose was healed of a leg problem by Brother Andre of Montreal, who was known for healing. Brother Andre remained a believer in Little Rose, even though one of Little Rose's three false accusers visited him in Montreal and attempted to destroy his belief in her. However, that same accuser convinced Brother Andre's superior, who forbade him from visiting Little Rose any longer. This same false accuser has since even admitted to having loved Little Rose and believed in her, and three months before her own death was praying novenas to Little Rose for assistance. In life, Little Rose was given the stigmata and a crown of thorns. This was first visible, but Little Rose feared pride most of all because she knew pride was a destroyer of mystics. She begged her Jesus to make the stigmata hidden, which He did. Though she felt the pains of the stigmata and crown of thorns, it was not visible. At the time of Little Rose's death, on the 11th of May, 1936, one of the branches of the crown of thorns and the thorn stigmata was still visible. This was photographed, and later published in the book, "She Wears a Crown of Thorns", written by Rev. A.O. Boyer, the spiritual director and confessor of Little Rose. Following her death a letter was issued by Bishop Russell J. McVinney which attempted to put at ease the minds of many who wished to see Marie Rose beatified. He undertook two investigations and concluded that there was nothing extraordinary about her life. However, many believe that these investigations hung on the witness of only three members of the community. Further, many miracles have been documented to date through the intercession of Little Rose, and exhumation of her remains eleven years following her death showed her to be incorrupt. Meanwhile, many continue to believe that Marie Rose Ferron is a powerful intercessor in heaven.

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